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The Academy

Academy of Intellectual Property Law

The Academy of Intellectual Property Law is a professional licensing examination preparation tutorial service. As such, the essence - the raison d'être - of the Academy is the common goal of all members to achieve passing marks on licensing examinations in the fields of patent law and trademark law.

Teaching Method

The Academy of Intellectual Property Law features Cambridge-style small group tutorials. The style is oratory, repetitive, and highly interactive.

The Academy of Intellectual Property Law tutorials are intense learning experiences. The tutorials are intended to clarify the intent and true meaning of law (so-called "black letter law"). The tutorials examine public-policy implications and procedural issues of the law only insofar as they are likely to be encountered on bar examinations.

Dr. Geissler analyzes actual test questions that have been encountered on prior bar examinations. The analysis starts with a careful reading of the facts provided, followed by legal issue spotting. Then, we review and apply the rule of law to the particular set of facts, leading to the conclusion.

Limited Enrollment

Due to the highly interactive format of the tutorial sessions, enrollment is limited to a maximum of twenty-four students. A minimum enrollment of twelve students is required; the average enrollment is eighteen students.

English Language

Owing to the intense pace of the tutorial sessions, enrollment is generally limited to students with excellent English-language skills.


This tutorial series has its origins in the 1990's at the University of Cambridge where Dr. Geissler tutored European law students in the idiosyncratic "First to Invent" American patent system.

In 2000, Dr. Geissler revived the tutorial series in Washington D.C. for prospective employees of Geissler & Associates, the patents and trademarks consulting firm.

Following several years with an enviable 100% passing rate on the U.S. Patent Bar, many encouraged Dr. Geissler to offer tutorial preparation to the ever-growing population of highly-trained engineers and scientists who prepare to sit the U.S. Patent Bar. These exceptional candidates have chosen to embark on a uniquely demanding and exciting career that combines scientific training, a deep understanding of technology, and a working knowledge of a very specialized part of the law.

This course is dedicated to their success.